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About Us

This site was developed out of love for my daughter "Chelsey-Madison" who inspired me to be the best I could be!  I wanted a site filled with all her favorite things, a site she could have fun with, grow with and support and  promote her many projects, like giving back to the community, going shopping, drinking wine with her girl friends, you know, the fun stuff!  


I loved and love being her mom and assisting both her and her friends to always be an inspiration to each other and to others.  Which so far, they all have done!  I am glad they held onto that "Independent Woman" motto I used to preach during our brownie meetings years ago!  All of my girls are independent, and all are making a difference In their own unique way!  So proud of all those girls... ooops!  woman!   I forget, (I'm old now - Some even have children of their own now, being great moms and partners in all they choose to do!


Being a transformational coach I have watched many women, unfold and become their true selves, it’s been an amazing journey for me, just like with the brownie troop, I still love assisting others on their journey, especially woman. 

Being a woman, a single mom, having to be both a mom and a dad and having to be the sole bread-winner!   I have lived through and experienced many, many things both good and bad, including loosing my precious son.  But through all that,  I've gained wisdom and insight and I had to learn how to wear many hats along the way. And when I look out into the world today, I realized a woman needs a place to go to to relax, laugh a little, share a story or two,  and just be supported in all ways.  A place to come and laugh again, feel hope and joy.  Kick off your shoes and just have some fun!   So this site, is not just for my daughter, it's  for all women, who just want to have fun, while discovering their uniqueness as well!


Don't you love getting together with  girlfriends, laughing at ourselves, enjoying each other’s company and having someone to share with, yes, even through the hard times, we appreciate each other and we all have different personalities, different backgrounds, different ideas, but the one thing that holds us together is acceptance and love.  Bottom line, we all are independent woman who appreciate each other and just enjoy having fun with being who we are!


So If your reading this, I want you to have fun too!  Because you are also my inspiration for creating this site!  I want to get to know you, share with you and hold hands with you, as this is how we become family!  I feel every woman should be an independent woman! And by embracing & empowering ourselves. laughing at ourselves and just having fun with being who we are!  We can inspire each other and the world!


My Mission:

To unite all woman, support all woman, root and cry for all woman and create a united front of acceptance for all!  So please come join me and support my mission!

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