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When available,  you'll find links to articles and/or posts I've written, along with podcast interviews I've done on growing your wealth and real estate investing to help you get started. 

You can also register for my classes (I offer both in person and/or "Zoom" classes)  so anyone can attend.  Leave a review, and if you feel you would like to talk, or ask a few questions, just click the "Schedule a Call" button.

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"How To Be Successful

In The Co-Hosting Business"  


My Interview on 4/4/23 with:

Stacey St. John of the  

STR Sisterhood Podcast Series

I love teaching about what I do and how I do it!  I love helping and seeing other people grow their wealth and overcome the fears of being a real estate investor.  I design my classes based on my personal experiences, as I have been investing in real estate for almost 10 years. Starting with long term rentals and transitioning to short term. Currently I have 7 investment properties in 4 different markets, I've literally done it all - Long-term, short-term, Flips and more.  I am also a real-estate agent, investor, entrepreneur, landlord and a property manager helping other investors by managing 6 of their Airbnb businesses with more to come. I'm just getting started!

But I want to share my wealth with you!  By offering both  "In-Person" and "Online" classes through Zoom,  so anyone can attend.  So "Bookmark this page, so you can come back often and take a class to learn how you can grow your wealth as well!    

Short Term Rental Basics
August 19th and
er 12th, 2023
(View Overview by Clicking Below)

Beginning The Investment
The Next Step
Finding & Financing 
the Investmen

September 16 · 11am - 1pm EDT     Zoom Class $99.00
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To schedule a call, just click on the picture above.  Here you can submit your info, so that I can get back to you A.S.A.P.

Talk to you soon!

It's important to me to know if you thought my classes were informative and beneficial to you,  So,  I'd love to know what you thought about my class; or just leave a

general review about my site or me!

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  Thank You!


Joey Adkins

In Person-Beginning the Investment


We can't thank Chelsey enough!!! She is incredibly knowledgeable, has a massive amount of resources, and is always willing to help! She went above and beyond in helping us get our first short term rental up and running. Without her we never would've had the confidence to get started. Words don't even describe how grateful we are for her! She taught us how to become financially free and became a great friend in the process. Highly recommend Chelsey!

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Sharon J.

General Review


I have taken classes from Chelsey-Madison in the past and I can honestly say, I was impressed by how informative and knowledgeable she was about all of it! I learned a lot! Can't wait to learn more!

average rating is 5 out of 5

How Would You Rate This Class?

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