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First Let Me Say... 

Thank You For Visiting My Site.

Again, let me introduce myself, my name is 

Chelsey-Madison Jennifer Jones

and this is the Short Version of how I got

to be where I am today!

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Here's My Story:

I was born in California in 1993 and moved to Ohio when I was 3.  Here I settled in, with my mom, brother and my Grandma, all who have played a major roll as to where I am today and the person I have become.  But I also take credit for myself because I'm the one who chose to finally believe in me!  and by putting on my "Big Girl" pants and being brave enough, to try new things, even though I had a fear of failure.  At some point, I just decided to take deep breathes and just to never give-up! And this is why I chose to create this site, because I know if I can do it, you can too! and I'm here to promote you and your dreams as well!  So with that in mind,  I hope I can inspire you to give it a try and become the Best You you deserve to be! 


I have had many adventures in my lifetime and have had to overcome many obstacles along the way to get to where I am today!  But I am happy to say, I have overcome a lot of them and am still working on some as well.  As we know, life is a journey and it is how you "choose" to react to life's challenges that can either make or break you. 


Looking back, at times you realize, you could have chosen to react differently to certain situations that occurred during your lifetime, but, I always remind myself, I didn't have the mental tools I have today to help me get through some of life's obstacles, so I have learned not to dwell, on things as much as I used to because I realized that was the thing that was holding me back, because that instance had already passed and I already made it through it.  So, I decided one day, to face my fears and I chose to react with determination to not let life's challenges hold me back from accomplishing my goals and dreams; and with that mind-set, I began to move forward.  Look what I've been able to accomplish so far...

I got my 1st job at the age of 14, at that time my goal was to be a bagger at Kroger's to earn extra money to buy a car by the time I was 16, Which I did!  I also joined a church group and assisted with sex trafficking victims and when I had a traumatic sexual experience as well, my goal changed and I then wanted  to become a Lawyer and I took Law classes at night, after work and/or school, so I could fight for the rights of women and children.   Even though I chose not to pursue law, those classes gave me the opportunity to learn, how to evaluate, research, obtain facts, and speak in public, which I feel were great skills to learn. By the time I was twenty, and I was still debating whether to go into law or not,  it was time for me to move out.  I thought, geesh!  why would I pay rent, when I could own my own home for the same price as rent.  That thought process is what brought me to the things I love doing today. And at twenty, I bought my first condo!


So far I have owned my own condo, bought rental properties, became a landlord, sold those properties, bought a "Fix-n-Flip home, where I literally started from scratch remodeling it, rented it out, then sold that.  it was quite a real-estate adventure, to say the least.  But within that time, I learned so much!  So when I sold those properties, all while continuing to work at Kroger.  I also became a "Pure-Romance consultant in my spare time. I failed at first, and put it aside, but then, because I still wanted extra income, and I had already invested in it, I tried it again, and this time, I became one of the top sellers!  I made the effort, to get involved and I loved, the way women were promoting and supporting other women and I learned a lot about wanting to be your own boss! 

Life was good! 


But as with life, another tragic experience changed my life.  This one would change my life forever!  My brother, who I loved, decided to leave me too soon!  I was devastated!  I could no longer function, think or breathe.  I went on sick-leave from Kroger and truly had to re-evaluate where I was in my life.    I knew I was tired of being a full-time landlord, working at Kroger and the stress of all of it.   I just wanted a more simple life, a more caring, compassionate way of life. 


I never returned to my corporate position at Kroger and Instead I focused on my Pure Romance business and started researching investing in :Short-Term" vacation rentals, soon I was up and running...  I started in Tennessee with just one, now I have 4 there.  Then moved into Ohio, and now Texas.  To date I own 6, with ambitions to acquire more.  Had I not gone through that tragedy with my brother,  which literally froze my life; and forced me to get therapy for all the emotions I was going through, I may have never have gotten here.  I miss him everyday, and part of me does this, because I know he's watching and guiding me. 


So, I then thought, hmmm... If I were smart, I'd get my own real-estate license,  because of all the things I've done, I really like making money off of my own real-estate investments and I love helping people and seeing their faces when they purchase their first home too, it is priceless!   So it was a win-win self-investment for me and I got my license. 


As I made it through my first year as a real estate agent, people kept asking me, "Chelsey-Madison", how do you do it, how can I buy short-term rentals? "  So I now offer and teach classes on "Investing in Short-Term Rentals and how to do it!"  (If interested check for class schedules here)  It has been a great success and I've been able to inspire and help a lot of people, which is my true goal, my passion to help as many people enjoy life as I can.  I know it would make my brother proud!   


Well, to date and the success of my classes, I now also have a property management company, CCs Retreats ( where I help new short-term rental owners rent out and maintain their newly acquired "Short-Term" rental properties.  I'm also in the process of doing a pod-cast series to help even more people!  It's so scary, but very exciting!  So look for that coming soon!

I truly believe there's room at the table for everyone and I believe in a growth mindset. Helping others achieve their goals and dreams in all aspects of life.  Whether it be in Real Estate investing, business growth of any kind, mental health, setting goals, eliminating fears, what ever it is you want to achieve, I truly believe it can be done.  You just have to be willing to educate yourself, put in the time, and make the effort to make your dreams come true!  


If you have any questions or would like to just reach out, please feel free to contact me, as again my passion is helping you to achieve your passions. 


Enjoy Life Everyone!

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